Linux with IoT

This module covers the study of different Linux Operating System such as Rasbian, Yocto and more

NLP/Chatbots with IoT

This module is dedicated to study of Artificial Intelligence and its practical application to chatbots and IoT

Image Processing/OpenCV with IoT

This module will cover image detection and analysis using IoT devices and Softwares.

Hybrid Mobile App Development and IoT

This module starts with Ionic framework and ends with a cross-platform mobile app

AngularJS and IoT

This module covers most popular frontend framework AngularJS and designing of IoT apps with it

NodeJS and IoT

This module covers backend making of IoT apps using NodeJS

iOS Development for IoT

This module covers IoT apps development for iOS

Android App Development for IoT

This module is a complete package of android development for IoT devices

Advanced Apps

This module covers Smart APIs, App Deployment and more

Cloud Computing

This module covers Configuration, Deployment process of different cloud platforms

Programming Languages

This module covers different programming languages such as C, JavaScript, Python, Scratch for IoT Programming

Raspberry Pi

In this module students will learn installation,configuration and different projects of Raspberry Pi

Intel Galileo and Intel Edison

This module covers Installation,Configuration of OS and programming its GPIO pins.


This module is based on detailed study of different versions of Arduino microcontroller, it's software and different projects using it.

Basics of Internet of Things

This module provides deep understanding of Architecture of an IoT device in general.