A Whole New Way of Education

Simple hardware, Easy to use software

Be Creative & Express Yourself with Bit By Bit

Growing community + Thousands of sample experiments

Simple to use hardware & Insanely simple software

Graduate to a new way of education

Introducing Bit By Bit, the all-new educational kit

Bit By Bit is an educational kit which combines the simplicity of a toy and the power of a computer to help you build and design internet enabled products. Supported by companion software with more than one thousand read-to-use applications, a dedicated in-person helpdesk and an ever growing maker community, it helps you become an expert engineer in minutes.

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Teach advanced technology in a fun, accessible way

Bit By Bit comes with a course that can be customized for your organization’s size and need, in-person training for your staff, and an online help-desk. We provide the support you need to help teach advanced concepts to students.

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Easy to follow instructions

Bit By Bit comes with a rich interface and step by step guides to help a student build internet enabled project quickly.

Hundreds of projects

Supported by a companion store with hundreds of hardware apps, it helps you become an expert in minutes

Free Software

Bit By Bit comes with free software which helps you learn, build and share your creation with the rest of the world

In-app helpdesk

An in-app helpdesk is provided to the user so that he can get his queries resolved by a qualified staff right within the desktop software

Growing community

Bit By Bit prides in its community which uses and build creative applications day in and day out and use them in real life experience

Teacher Training

For enterprise users, we provide dedicated teacher training even to your staff unskilled in the domain so that your teachers can teach maximum students with minimum help


Built for Future Generation

A generation which breath mobile apps will definitely create smart cities, homes and workplaces. Technologies like connected hardware are at the same stage where social media was in 2004 and there is a surge in demands for people with combined skillsets of web, hardware, mobile and analytics. Bit By Bit is designed with an aim to develop skills required by upcoming workforce.

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Free subscription to funstore software

A simple learning software to learn, build and share hardware projects; quickly and easily

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